Victoria is an Akashic Records reader, certified breathwork & inner voice facilitator, and intuitive energy healer.

Tiffany is a Reiki Master, certified sound healer, and spiritual coach.

Together, with our beautiful community, we’re here to uplift you with unwavering spiritual and emotional support so you can bloom brighter than you ever thought possible.

Birth, and becoming a mama, is such a portal of awakening. Finding out who you want to be after such a monumental (and vulnerable) moment isn’t something you should have to do alone.

Let us introduce you to a new, spiritual way of momming that’s as unique as you are.

— Mary Guy

What people are saying

“The Gemini Full Moon circle was amazing, as usual! I feel so connect to Victoria and Tiff. Their spiritual gifts are amazing and oh-so-healing. They welcome everyone with open arms and make each Full Moon circle special.”

— Michaela Perry

What people are saying

“Spirit Mamas was exactly what my Spirit was needing! They made me feel welcomed and held a safe space for me to share openly and freely. Highly recommend to anyone who is on the holistic healing journey!.”

— Vanessa Poirier

What people are saying

“Connecting with other mamas talking and feeling the same themes felt very comforting and supportive. There were many opportunities to go within, journal, ask questions in the Akashic records. I loved the kundalini meditation and the sound healing. These woman really bring out all the stops. Wonderful experience!”

Spirit Mamas Oracle Cards

This divinely channeled 44-card oracle deck and guidebook was created to help you come home to yourself again and again.

Use the seven suits in this deck to connect to your intuition, find your inner power, and bloom into your most authentic self as a modern multi-dimensional mama, woman, and human.

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