You're who your ancestors have been waiting for.

Whether or not you realize it, you carry the weight and stories of all of your ancestors—even those from previous lifetimes. This lineage is a part of your DNA, and by reconnecting with our emotions, and the emotions of our ancestors, we can heal both them and ourselves.

There is immense healing to be found not only for yourself, but for your whole family, when you consciously connect to ancestral energy & release the negative emotions they were unable to shed in their own lifetimes. In healing yourself, you heal both your past lineage and future generations—your entire bloodline. And it’s even more potent when ritualized and done in the company of others.

Your lineage is a continuous thread of energy connecting the past, to the present, to the future. This line of creation is powerful because only when you know where you come from, can you know where you're going and be free to take flight without fear.

Wants to be a better human for both themselves and the next generation

Wants to stop repeating the same familial patterns 

Wants to release lifetimes of shame, doubt, and guilt 

Wants to heal deeply from the inside out

Wants a closer connection to their ancestors & lineage

This eight-week virtual sacred circle is for anyone who:

Wants to break generational cycles of poverty, disempowerment & disconnection

8 sessions on Tuesdays at 8pm EST from April 25-June 13th

That grief you’re carrying... what if we told you it wasn’t yours?

That it was never yours. 

Instead, it was energy passed on through the generations until it made its way to lay heavy on your shoulders. 

You don’t need to carry it anymore. You never did. Let us release the burdens of the past, and all the things our ancestors couldn’t heal in their lifetimes, together. 

This healing journey isn’t an easy one, but you’re here because you’re ready to rise above. You’re ready to soar to new heights for yourself and your family. Because your ancestors are you, and you are them. They are a part of you, and doing this work allows you to uncover parts of your soul you've long forgotten. You're here to answer the call to truly know yourself and your divine worth.

This is a safe space for you to clear this energy, allowing you to step into the full, empowered version of yourself that's ready to be a pillar of light. 

 — Bree D.

What people are saying

“I would recommend this container & this experience to anyone who feels called even in the slightest way to it. The experience itself is its own portal & there is no way you will emerge from it the same person that entered into it.”

— Cassandre A.

What people are saying

Thank you Victoria and Tiffany from the bottom of my heart for creating this sacred space. This experience brought me closer to my ancestors and opened the door to begin to mend generations of trauma the women in my family have faced. You both, along with the other amazing women in this container, helped me plant the seed to even deeper healing as this journey continues. So much love to you!”

— Shauna W.

What people are saying

“I did not know what to expect going into Healing the Mother Wound, and I just can’t say enough about how magical the experience was. I looked forward to each week because I just knew something special would happen.”

What to Expect

We’re creating a beautiful container of support for one another as we excavate lifetimes of energy, so this circle is an intimate one with only 12 participants.

Every week, we’ll meet live in ceremony and celebration for 1.5-2 hrs to open the ancestral portal, receive guidance, and unpack what you’re going through.

We'll make our way through the chakras, starting at the root and moving to the crown, tapping into each chakra's specific energy and asking our ancestors to support its balance and healing.

You’ll be given a clearing or connection ritual  to complete before coming to our next gathering. In-between sessions, we'll utilize a Telegram group chat for support and accountability. 

WEEK 1 - root chakra

In our Opening Ceremony, we’ll meld earth and sky to learn more about what makes you uniquely you. You’re a multi-dimensional melting pot, so think beyond this realm, this lifetime, or even this physical plane.

Where Do You Come From? 

This week, during our time together, we’ll be fully releasing any last blockages or fear, ushering in the forgiveness you need to move forward in this lifetime. 

Week 5 - break

WEEK 2 - SACRAL chakra

WEEK 3 - Solar plexus chakra


WEEK 4 - HEART chakra

Your heart is the most powerful tool you have within your body. The field around your heart is 5x stronger than your brain, and it's the center of your connection to yourself and others. This week, we are going to unleash its power, calling in your ancestors to amplify its energy and end this container on a high note.  

opening & listening to your heart

  • Heart opening and self-acupressure techniques

  • Kundalini meditation to open the lock of the heart - open up the power of the Almighty within you

  • Self-Akashic Record exploration

  • Connection Ritual

Week 6 - throat chakra

Week 7 - third eye chakra

Week 8 - crown chakra


The portal of birth is beautiful but also traumatic. This week we are claring out old energetic chords and blockages from birth - be that yours, your mothers, or any children you've brought to the Earthly plane. 

  • Remembering the Birth Portal - a discussion and exercise to tap into and release the stories passed down around our birth, and the birth of our mothers.

  • Rite of the Womb - a special Shamanic Ritual clearing the womb space of past trauma

  • Cleansing Ritual

Allowing space for integration is key to your healing journey. We’re using simple yet potent rituals to deeply heal, so giving ourselves time for introspection is needed to move through this experience with more ease.

Your intuition is your superpower, and it’s one of the ways your ancestors can speak through you. We’ll use creativity a gateway to our intuition, and this week you’ll be fully immersed in yours. As we bring your higher self to life right before your eyes, we’ll using writing as a powerful tool for healing.

  • Creative Writing Exercise - connect to the all knowing voice within as she guides you home to yourself (and your dreams)
  • Sound Healing

  • Connection Ritual

Now that you are fully open, you are ready to call down the power of the higher realms and complete our journey with a ritual rebirth bath that allows you to be born anew. We'll thank our ancestors and close this beautiful portal we've created together. 

  •  Crown Meditation Visualization

  • Aura Portrait Presentation - our special gift to you

  • Rebirth Bath Ritual - a beautiful, final ritual to do on your own as we close out this energy

For lifetimes the feminine has been silenced, and it’s time for her to rise again. Let’s release all the unspoken words and energy of our ancestors, the many women who paved the way for us, and for the generations to come.


Releasing Ancestral Trauma From the Family Line


  • Breathwork & Release Letter

  • Cedar Release Ritual - we'll give you all the ingredients you need for this powerful release ritual at home

  • Reiki Healing

  • Cleansing Ritual 

Meet Your Guides

Dana is an Integrative Coach (USA) and Humanist Therapist (Argentina), an Akashic Records master, Gemotherapist, Bach Flower Therapist & Tarot Reader. She's also a Yoga teacher and a Usui Reiki Master.

A Medicine Woman and a womb keeper, since 2021, she's channeled New Age Codes and ancestral women who represent Mary Magdalene.

Victoria Nielsen

Dana Diaz

Tiffany Wilkes

Tiffany is a certified Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and most importantly a Spiritual Advisor.

She comes from a long line of ancestors who were empaths, but they ran away from their gifts. She realized by turning within, that she is the person who will embrace her spiritual gifts and change the lineage of her family.

Victoria is a 2x boy mama, intuitive healer, and embodiment coach who demystifies ancient practices like the Akashic Records and Kundalini Yoga to help you nurture your intuition and remember the power within. She's also a certified breathwork and Inner Voice facilitator.

She helps women who’ve awakened to the calling for more discover who they are vs. what society has always told them to be.

if trauma can be passed through the generations, then so can healing.

We do this work to honor the legacy of our ancestors. To make them proud. To heal all the times they had to hide who they really were, and to heal all the things they couldn't in their lifetimes. To break the cycles of trauma, negativity, and shame that have been perpetuated in our current family's life.

"This experience brought me closer to my ancestors and opened the door to begin to mend generations of trauma the women in my family have faced."

cassandre a.


why rituals?

In order to heal deeply, you need to connect with your subconscious mind, with your beliefs, and with what you consider possible for your life. It is that mind who allows you to access elevated states of consciousness, connect with the Universe, and open yourself to be a channel of abundance.

Humans have always performed rituals. In ancestral tribes, the elders and shamans were in charge of performing rituals to connect with the wisdom of the clan and ask Pachamama (Earth) for abundance and healing.

Today, rituals allow us to speak directly to our subconscious and tell it “loud and clear” what we want to create in our lives.

rituals are the bridge between heaven and earth.

This       for you if:

you're ready to deeply heal

You're overwhelmed by this

you want to step into your power

you have no interest in meeting your ancestors

you're ready to break familial cycles

It's          for you if...

you don't want to push out of your comfort zone



you often feel like the. black sheep of your family




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8 monthly payments

Best Value



Enough Said, I'm In!

Yes! We have payment plans for your convenience. Our 8-month payment plan make this experience more affordable at $212/mo for 8 months. If you need a custom payment plan, please ask.

do you offer payment plans?

Although we highly encourage live attendance to get the most out of this experience, we understand life happens. A recording of our session will go out the next morning, and it will be up to you to watch and complete the connection or cleansing ritual before we meet again.

what happens if i can't make it live?

You'll have access to all the recorded materials for one year from our start date, so April 25, 2024.

How long will i have to access the material?

Tuesday nights for 1.5-2 hours at 8pm EST for 8 weeks starting April 25th until June 13th.

when will we be meeting?

Frequently asked questions

You Might have Some questions

As we dive deeper into this work, we realized that our maternal lineage isn't the only one affected. We're healing for ALL of our ancestors, and throughout five previous rounds of this experience we've seen participants work with ancestors from both their paternal and maternal lineage, so we wanted the program to reflect that.

why did you change the name from healing the mother wound?

Absolutely. We're here to support you throughout this journey. You'll have access to a group Telegram chat for questions and support even after the program ends because you may experience even more healing and integration once the program is over.

is additional support available if i need it?

do you offer refunds for this program? 

No, this program is final sale. 

Of course! Dana is available for all translation needs, and can help you every step of the way. Language shouldn't be a barrier to joining us - everything is energy, and that speaks no language.

my english isn't great, can i still join?


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