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An online community for spiritually conscious mamas who want to connect to their power, use their intuition as a guiding light, and crave a supportive group of like-minded mamas to heal, grow, and expand with.

The medicine of community allows you to give and receive love in a safe space so you can tune in to your own wants and needs. We want you to become so deeply connected to yourself, you're always tapped into the spirit of joy.

Expand and strengthen your intuitive abilities

Find a safe space to completely be yourself - even if you don't know who that is just yet

Take control of your energy

Belong to a soul community of mamas who lift you up

Learn to completely trust yourself and the support of the universe

Think of us, and this community, as your magical new best friends who just get you.


Crave a deeper connection to your unique truth & beliefs

Remember your soul's purpose

Feel like the badass mama you are!

Sign-up for the whole year and get 2 months free! You are more than worth it, mama. And paying up front means you’re commiting to yourself in a big way. 

Money is just energy, and you’re saying HELL YES to your happiness, peace, and overall wellbeing.


What’s Included


Gather in sacred circle with the community each month to give gratitude and release during each moon cycle. You’ll leave each circle feeling calm, present, and like you can tackle anything mom life throws at you.


Each week, either Victoria or Tiffany will share an energy tune-up that’s 15 minutes or less. Think breathwork, meditation, sound healing, and more! You can play your favorites again and again to really go deep.


A super supportive group chat for complete access to Victoria & Tiffany, plus all the other amazing mamas in the membership. Lets co-create our own beautiful community together.




Meet with Tiffany and Victoria 1:1 for a discounted price, plus be the first to know about new courses (and get them cheaper than anyone else!).

We’re sharing quarterly workshops from some of our favorite mama-owned businesses to expand your horizons in astrology, yoga, galactic expansion, inner child work, and more.

Our 19-day self-discovery challenge that’s perfect for both spiritual beginners and those who know all about energy. Full of journaling, spiritual practices, and our favorite tips for living your best life.


Hi, mama! we’re Tiffany & Victoria

Think of us as your spiritual cheerleaders. 

We’re two mamas who just want to make other mamas feel damn good! Life is too short not to be tapped in to the spirit of joy.

Our own spiritual journeys coincided with motherhood, and we soon realized how tuning into (and trusting!) our intuition, and being in better touch with our energy, helped  navigate the ups and downs of not just parenthood, but life as women in today's society.

Using tools like meditation, the Akashic Records, Reiki, and more, we’re more patient and calm mothers, partners, and friends. 

Birth is such a portal of ascension, and finding out who YOU want to be after having a baby isn’t something you should have to do alone. 


— Mary Guy

What people are saying

“The Gemini Full Moon circle was amazing as usual! I feel so connect to Victoria and Tiff. Their spiritual gifts are amazing and oh-so-healing. They welcome everyone with open arms and make each Full Moon circle special..”

— Michaela Perry

What people are saying

“Spirit Mamas was exactly what my Spirit was needing! They made me feel welcomed and held a safe space for me to share openly and freely. Highly recommend to anyone who is on the holistic healing journey!.”

— Vanessa Poirier

What people are saying

“Connecting with other mamas talking and feeling the same themes felt very comforting and supportive. There were many opportunities to go within, journal, ask questions in the Akashic records. I loved the kundalini meditation and the sound healing. These woman really bring out all the stops. Wonderful experience!”

cosmic mama - Yearly package

  • 2 months free!
  • 2x monthly virtual circles for the Full & New Moon 
  • Recordings after each circle
  • Access to on-demand breathwork & meditation video library
  • Private high vibe group chat for support and accountability
  • 10% off all Spirit Mamas offerings
  • BONUS! Access to Reclaim Your Magic digital course
  • 12 month commitment - cancel anytime after

What's Inside:

SPIRIT Mama - Monthly Package

  • 2x monthly virtual circles for the Full & New Moon 
  • Recordings after each circle
  • Access to on-demand breathwork & meditation video library
  • Private high vibe group chat for support and accountability
  • 10% off all Spirit Mamas offerings
  • BONUS! Access to Reclaim Your Magic digital course
  • Cancel anytime

 What's Inside:

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$396 every 12 months

Sign Up

$35 every month


We get that your time is precious, mama, so we have different options to support you, exactly where you are right now.

Want to watch a pre-recorded video that's 15 minutes or less? We've got you! Need some more time to dive deep with other like-minded mamas? Join our live monthly virtual full moon circle. Need a quick answer to your mom question? Our group chat is where it's at.

we get it. making time for yourself isn't easy, mama.
But we promise it's worth it. 

When you're feeling drained, disconnected, and like nobody around you understands, the Spirit Mamas Circle is here to lift you up.

With our magic mix of energy healing, intuitive guidance, and community, you're not just bettering yourself, you're raising the vibration of your whole family.

“Having a supportive container within the Spirit Mamas Membership Community has been so nurturing. Going through this motherhood journey alongside like-minded, spiritual mamas is healing on so many levels! Both Victoria & Tiffany radiate such a beautiful, healing energy that always makes me feel grounded, balanced, and at peace. The membership events are truly so healing and I look forward to that “me” time each time we get together! I’m so grateful for this community!”

— Brooke C


This       for you if:

You need to finally make time for you

You're overwhelmed by this

you want to feel more empowered and connected

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO put yourself & your needs first

you're ready to remember who the f*ck you are

It's          for you if...

you're not ready to shift your perspective



you've been searching for your spiritual sisters

you don't want to change your energy


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