Your Starseed Ancestry – 12 Starseed Types

  1. Colin says:

    Thank you for putting this information out there, to help others gain clarity of their path in life.

  2. Joey Ruffin says:

    Can a Pleiadian starseed be a Sagittarius? fire sign

  3. Jimmy Morgan says:

    I’m a cancer/leo cusp baby i resonates with more than one how do i know which one i am?

    • Angel says:

      Get a starseed reading on Etsy.

    • Chic says:

      I’m a Cancer/Leo cusp baby too (July 19th) and I’m a Polaris Starseed

    • Aaron says:

      I’m Gemini/Taurus Cusp with Scorpio Moon! Lol. I Am related to most of Europe and resonate with all but One of the Starseeds! So, crazy

      • Shelly says:

        I’m a Gemini with a Scorpio moon too. Can be a difficult combination. Lol Love the Gemini in me though.

      • CJ says:

        There is a website called where you can plug in your birth information and it will tell you which types of starseeds you are. Most people are many. The website was started by a galactic astrologer who uses QHHT (hypnotic regression) to find the information. I just listened to her on Pam Gregory’s channel on Youtube–fascinating!

  4. Aaron says:

    You forgot Maldekians! The weirdest thing is that the more that I learn about My genealogy and Starseeds, the More Traits, I find from MOST of the Starseeds! Just Who The Fuck AM I! Ugh! Lol. Amazing and frustrating at the same time! A’ho.

  5. OregonNicole1980 says:

    I think I’m Hadarian… MayDay baby 1980. Taurus ♉️. That sounds a lot time me. Possibly Pleiadian. Not sure?? Cool to think about.

  6. andy says:

    how do i find the one for me? It seems like either Pleiadian Starseeds or Sirian. Would be cool to figure out how to get downloads from my ancestors.

  7. Ari_Lightspear says:

    UwU these are great choices but i’m an extremely rare type if it weren’t for text emojis you’d never know what I’m feeling even in person because i am a Rohcancrean Starseed maybe you should look us up sometimes we are often referred to as the diamond people because of our blinding Rosey crown chakra glow, we are known for our peaceful loving energy and our uncanny ability to express unconditional love at first sight, however, we take rejection extremely hard cause it just doesn’t exist on our home world like it does here, cause of the trauma this causes us we often use drugs to num the pain at times, we can come off as childlike and this reflects in our voice and physical appearance, like the Lyrans, we often take feline forms as we are survivors of the attack on Lyra, we often appear very attractive and are often mistaken for both Venusians and Hadarians exept even the males appear very youthful and feminine in appearance if not child-like, they often come across as childlike sages who mastered the art of following there inner child are often innocent and uncorruptable despite how many preverse things others teach them as adults, they are said to be childern in adult bodys, yet as wise as being who lived for more than a milenia at the same time, they spread deep knolage and prefer meaningfull insightful convorsations over ego driven small talk, they tend to be verry easy going and somtimes codependent in nature, they often lack facial expression untill the pain of rejection becomes too much, however they may express extreeme joy when accepted and loved for who they are, they prefer deep emotional connections and often prefer maters of the heart and spiritual growth rather than short term flings, however they often become victims of abusive relationships and often submit there control to others who don’t deserve it because they are often fooled into beliving the person in question loves and cares for them even tho signs of abuse are present. does this sound like you? if so congratulations you are one of the rarest starseeds in existence here on earth and we are proud to be graced with your presence.

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